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Brick & Stone Accent Walls

decorating-room-interiors Brick & Stone Accent Walls 

galleryEasily and quickly update a room by adding an accent wall treatment using decorative wall panels made of faux stone, wood or brick.​

  • Accent walls create a focal point in big rooms and can highlight a fireplace, entrance, entertainment center, prep area in a kitchen and much more. Add some track lighting or spotlights to decorative walls to get dramatic results.



Created using molds taken from actual rock and brick, faux wall panels have an unbeatable realism. And, unlike real stone, their polyurethane composition requires no maintenance and is resistant to aging, mold, and insects. Your accent wall is built to last!

  • Get the natural look for less
  • Install by yourself in less than a day
  • Home delivery
  • Lightweight for easy installs

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