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Method of application:

pc03-300x300The concrete surface should be floated using a wood or magnesium "Bull-float" prior to the application of the Mitcocolor Hardener.

Spread two third of the required quantity onto the concrete surface and allow the material to absors moisture from concrete. When the slab has an even, solid color appearance, the surface should be floated as above.

Using a steel trowel, the surface should be trowelled well to eliminate any float marks and to achieve the final finish.

Prior to imprinting, the trowelled slab should be covered with Mitcopowder Release agent at a rate of 120 gm/m².

The crew should be equipped with a minimum of 6 or more mats and a floppy.

Adequate and enough hand tools should be available to complete the whole area.

Using a reference line, begin by placing the first mats using this line and move across the slab. When stamping, the mats should be tamped without delay.

The finished slab should be left for a minimum of 2 days to set. All excess powder release agent should be brushed off and then cleaned using pressurized water.

The slab must be completely dry before the sealer coat is applied. The surface must be sealed using Mitco seal at a rate of 6-8 m²/liter.
Application rate:

Materials should be applied at the following rates:
Mitcocolor Hardener: 3-5 kg/m², depending on color.
Mitcopowder Release: 120 gm/m².
Mitco Sealer: 6-8 m²/liter, depending on concrete porosity.



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