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Petra Stone Design is a Chicago based Company specializing in flooring, faux and stone walls, arches and interior and exterior design. We have years of experience and have had the opportunity to work on some finest projects in the Middle East making very satisfied customers amongst which we have few very prominent people. We also have had several successful project here in the USA, in Texas and we decided to bring our expertise to Chicago Market.

We are using the latest technologies in this filed to build Stamp & Sealed Concrete Floors. Transitioning from Exterior to Interior spaces our floors are colored with Acid Stain that reveal beautiful, sophisticated forms with long durability. Our newest technology involves Tree-Dimensional Floors, a newest field of Decoration and Creation of real Atmosphere in which Epoxy is used to give it a special Luster (gentle soft glow). Light Onex is another new approach used in Columns and Antiques. Cast Stone (Solid Surface) is used in applications like Kitchen Counters, Bathrooms, Receptions, and as a Decoration Shapes.

Our Expertise is in the following:

Flooring & Walls

  • 3D Flooring.
  • Stamp Concrete.
  • Acid Stain.
  • Epoxy & Polyurethane.
  • Light Onex.
  • Cast Stone.
  • Sandstone.

Faux, Stone Walls & Arches

  • Faux and Stone Panneling.
  • Different Panneling Styles.
  • Brick Panneling.
  • Columns & Arches.
  • Interior & Exterior Siding.
  • Wood Panels.
  • Window & Door Trims.


Waterproofing with Thermal Insulation, Joint & Covers, Industrial Floor Toppings (Epoxy & Polyurethane) Laying, Spreading, and Concrete Slabs. Renovation Work.


Siding will add a seamless, natural look of brick, rock or stone to your project, minus the expense and fuss of hiring a mason, with very little long-term upkeep.

Columns & Arches

Available in both half column and full column styles and a variety of sizes, these columns are suitable for a range of implementations and will beautify your home.

Windows & Doors

Decorative trim molding with the appearance of real brick and stone is an extremely versatile means to upgrade and accentuate your room’s design scheme.

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